Aerogarden, what is it?

If you love gardening but want to bring your hobby indoors, our AeroGardens are perfect. They are free of dirt, easy to use and provide bountiful harvests of your favorite plants, herbs, flowers, and more. You don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy the benefits of an AeroGarden and you can forget about weeding. Simply plant the seeds and watch them grow!

Never has gardening been so simple. The automated features let you know when your garden requires nutrients or water and automated lights will simulate the sun. Your plants will grow faster and healthier with this proper balance of all the necessary feature required for a perfect and effective indoor garden.

Our 7-Pod AeroGardens work by adding oxygen to the water through circulation which flows up into the grow deck and across the seed pods and plant roots. The pods do not have to rely on the water in the bowl below because the water circulates up, over and through the grow sponges, providing ample water for optimal growth. 




AeroGarden Classic 7 aeroponics technology:                                                   AeroGarden VS Dirt


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